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You can serve the library and your community in an impactful way by running for one of our vacant Board of Trustees seats in April.  Serving the community as a library trustee is an important job.  As State Librarian Janet Welch writes in the preface to the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State (2000) "A good public library benefits and serves the entire community. [Trustees] make policy and fiscal decisions crucial to the life and direction of the library. Their decisions impact the lives of people and the future of their community. Library trustees are responsible to the library and to the public it serves and must be tireless advocates for improving library services."  Serving as a board member includes many challenges and many rewards as well.  For more information please contact the library at 827-5142.




Trustees are elected by popular vote and serve 4 year terms on the library board.  Trustee candidates must be 18 years of age and reside in the Middleburgh School District.  The most important qualification for an effective Trustee, however, is a strong and genuine belief in public libraries and their mission in the community as centers for information, recreation, and lifelong learning. A candidate must also be willing to devote appropriate time and effort to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of trusteeship.


Duties include regular attendance at board meetings; devoting time to committee service and activities; being visible and vocal in the community on behalf of the library; and taking the time necessary to study and learn about the library and the social, legal, and political context in which it exists.


Current Members


Mal MartinCo-President

Deb Bechtold - Co-President

Sara Masterson - Treasurer

Carrie Foland - Best House Liason

Debbie Krol

Eileen LaSpaluto

Veronica Lindsey - Secretary

Susan London

Marilyn Wyman


Board Meetings


Board of Trustee meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 and are open to the public.




Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting January 2018
Board of Trustees Meeting February 2018
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 2018
Board of Trustees Meeting
April 2018
Board of Trustees Meeting February 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting
April 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting
May 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting
July 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting August 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting September 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting October 2017
Board of Trustees Meeting December 2017

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