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Available jobs at the Library are posted in the Current Positions section below.  Please note that we do not accept applications, résumés, cover letters, etc., unless applicants are applying for a specific open position.


Selection Process

After the closing date on the position announcement, all applications submitted by the closing deadline are screened to determine the most qualified candidates. These candidates will be contacted for an interview. Due to the large number of applications normally received, it is not possible to interview every qualified applicant. We understand that it can be frustrating for those who do not receive an interview. However, each applicant has the opportunity to submit all appropriate written information with the application.



Interviews with the director are scheduled to give selected applicants the opportunity to personally present their abilities and experience.


Final Selection

Those applicants who apply for a specific open position will be informed by mail after a selection has been made. Applicants are welcome to call to inquire on the status of any open position.

Current Open Positions:


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